torstai 8. toukokuuta 2014

FamilyTreeDna released a new Population Finder, now myOrigins

Meanwhile waiting for those 11 Scandinavian ancient genomes I take an overview about the new Population Finder, now named newly as myOrigins.  This is only  a short view while waiting for more results and comments and I'll do completer review after having more experience.

So Familytreedna has released a new population finder, which is meant to be able to find your ancestry.    Looking at first results it looks like being uncertain and gives obviously false ancestries.  Unfortunately they seem to have fallen into the same mistake which 23andme did in their first effort with Ancestry Composition.  It looks like Ftdna has gone even further regarding the Finnish ancestry.  The overfitting is apparently  reaching a new record.  Finns don't have anymore regular Scandinavian admix, only very infrequently.  They are either 100% Finns (rarely according now available results)  or Finns with significant Slavic, French and British admixture.   I would consider around 10% or more Central European or British ancestry meaningful in Finland.  I collected results now availabe on online forums and first results are here.  But first you can read and learn what they write about new population clusters:

Then first Finnish results.   Shortly main clusters and where they peak:

1. North circumpolar - in Northeastern Finland excluding proper Lapland
2. European coastal plain - in Switzerland and France
3. European coastal islands - in UK
4. Transural Peneplain - in East and Central European Slavic region
5. European Northlands - In Southern Norway (inlands)

Finnish result show evident Central European and British origins, which is absolutely new information and doesn't fit with the known history of Swedish migration to Finland, with other ideas and known information about the Finnish history. 

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