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Do_it_yourself Dodecad test for Finns (including Baltic Finns in general)

Wondering the Finnish history and migrations that happened during the last 2000 years I have done the following Do-It-Yourself Dodecad test.   My goal was to achieve a dedicated test for Finns, but it could work also for Estonians and other Baltic-Finnic people.  This test doesn’t work for other nationalities due to the regional reference assortment.  What I have done differently than in many other Dodecad Oracle tests is not only the reference selection, but also I had a tighter Finnish sample qualification.  It is also reasonable to mention that in some tests the preprocessing of genotype data has been biased.  My data includes 290000 SNPs and it doesn’t include any preprocessing based on differences between populations.  So it is as it is, straight from the stock.  

Reference populations:


You don ‘t need to worry about the “calculator effect”, because all my data is from public academic sources.

To perform the test you at first have to download DiyDodecad scripts.  You can do it here

Please notice that DiyDodecad is authorized by Dienekes and included in his Dodecad Ancestry Project:

After you have uncompressed all files into your own directory (for instance Kaleva) you have to download and uncompress four Kaleva-specific files to the same directory. 


Now everything is ready for making first analyses, to do it you need to read README.txt and follow Dienekes’ instructions, the only difference is that you need to use KALEVA.par instead of the Dodecad dv3.par file.

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