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Big comparison of ancient samples

F3-statistics measures common genetic drift between populations.   I have done a simple run using ancient genomes and Eigensoft’s qp3Pop program, comparing all those ancient genomes to present-day populations and moved results to Excel graphics.  The bigger the result is the more the present population shares drift with ancient samples.

Ancient genomes:

Loschbour M Luxembourg_Mesolithic
LBK F GermanStuttgart_LBK
Otzi M Tyrolean_Iceman Copper Age
MA1 M Siberian_Upper_Paleolithic
AG2 M Siberian_Ice_Age
Scandinavian_HG M Swedish_HunterGatherer Neolithic
Scandinavian_farmer F Swedish_Farmer Neolithic
Motala12 M Swedish_Motala 7000 years old
LaBrana M    LaBrana Mesolithic
AngloSaxon several samples UK Hinxton Iron Age
Briton several samples UK Hinxton Iron Age
NE1…NE7  Hungarian Neolithic
KO1 Hungarian Neolithic
CO1 Hungarian Copper Age
IR1 Hungarian Iron Age
BR2 Hungarian Bronze age

The formula is f3(Mbuti;test1,test2)

All results can be downloaded and unzipped here.

I couldn’t resist to look why I have at 23andme many “cousins” in Southern Russia and Ukraine, but no one in Nothern Russia.  This looked weird because I have heard always that the Finns are from the north.  Indeed, Western Finns, like me,  are closer Ukrainians in terms of the common genetic drift than Northern Russians (Mordva and Russian people closer White Sea).  Surprising. 

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