keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2015

Finestructure testing continues

This is my last test with Finestructure, now using East-Finns, Karelians and a lot of other North Europeans released recently by Estonian Biocentre.   After this moment I see no reason to continue with Finestructure, because Finestructure fails to work properly with (sub)populations showing high genetic drift, just like I noticed in my first experience.  It starts to accumulate internal drift to other bound populations, making a causality error.   One interesting notice however:  Russians in Kostroma seem to belong to the same old Finnic ancestry than Mordvas, not to the same one with Maris, as supposed in some studies.   This probably means that Meryan people belonged to a western branch of Finno-Ugric speaking people.

Doewload results here

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