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Finnish I1, can it descend from pre-Saxon ancestry?

It has gone almost year since I last time visited FtDna's I1-project, being quite tired of the usual pathetic ydna discussion. Now after a little pushed by another Finnish guy I took a look and noticed that the SNP-based phylogenetic tree shows more upstream matches for Finnish Bothnians than a year ago. Most of new matches are from England which obviously mirrors the testing activity more than enything else. Anyway, it looks like the Bothnian I1 descends from something like Anglo-Saxons, but we have to date it, accoring to the clade age (made by Ken Nordtvedt and others), to the time before Anglo-Saxon British migrations.  Here are those connected directly to Bothnians, They form an own class between all other I1 branches and Bothnians.

This information is public and available for anyone from FamilyTreeDna's project page and I don't see any reason to hide kit numbers and names.  I however overwrote all personal information because I am not sure about my right to publish Familytreedna's data.   Anyway it is public, here

 I1-L22 CTS2208 CTS5476 (L22+, Z74+, CTS2208+, CTS5476+
 XXXXXXXXXXXX Topsfield England
 XXXXXXXXXXXX Ryazan Russian Federation
 XXXXXXXXXXXX Glemminge Sweden
 XXXXXXXXXXXX United Kingdom
 XXXXXXXXXXXX Luton Bedfordshire England
 XXXXXXXXXXXX Ephraim England
 XXXXXXXXXXXX New Jersey England
 XXXXXXXXXXXX Ephraim England
 XXXXXXXXXXXX Malderen, Belgium

And here is the beginning of the long Bothnian list. They represent about 28% of all Finnish men.

I1-L22 L258 (L22+, Z74+. CTS2208+, CTS5476+
, L287+. L258+) [ Z133, BY2572, Y8598 available]
XXXXXXXXXXXX Mouhijärvi Finland
XXXXXXXXXXXX Pihlajavesi Finland
XXXXXXXXXXXX Kalajoki Finland

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