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New study claims that Finns have not Mongolian admixture

A month ago I commented here about a mistake in admixture results regarding Asian admixture in Finland.  It didn't take long to see a new study telling a different Finnish story.  In this new study authors claim that the Asian admixture in Finland is North Asian (Siberian), not Mongolian, which seems to be right.  However they have also two drawbacks included making the result as to the Finnish admixtures less accurate.   First the study gives a wrong idea about Finnish and Saami histories. Secondly the study uses only two Finnish samples which makes almost impossible to see accurate admixture amounts in Finland and it makes also impossible to specify any Finnish admixture in other populations, like in Scandinavians.   I can't understand why authors decided to use only two Finnish samples because we have publicly ready to download 100 Finnish samples from the 1000genomes project and 1000genome samples are much better than used samples, including around 10 millions SNPs per sample. 

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  1. Bad sampling is a common problem in these high-profile studies. Finnish sample from that Human Origins set used by Lazaridis et al. is from 1000genomes but really small and does not take regional differences into account. One of the seven clusters with Ukrainians in the Finestructure test included in Lazaridis et al. supplement, and two cluster with Mordvas and North Russians. This affects the result when they are tested as a single sample.

    A clear difference can be observed with better sampling, like here:

    One great thing in this new study is that they managed to differentiate the "Siberian" in Finland and to a lesser extent in Norway from that found in North Russians, Mordvas and Chuvashes. This difference has been hinted at in earlier hobbyist tests like here: and I remember you mentioning also short IBD testing pointing that way.

    1. Yes, I am happy to see the Saami-North Eurasian (Siberian) connection, but not so happy to see phrases like "Finns are thought to have originated from the northward migration, and subsequent contact, between Central Europeans
      and indigenous Scandinavian hunter-gatherers closely related to the Saami". Who are Finns? Those two samples? Northward from where did they come? From North Pole? This is absolute bullshit. People really think many things, but They could have used already available research instead of thinking how matters could be.

      It was Eurogenes who three years ago wrote that the Siberian in Finland and in North Russia looks like being from two separate migrations. The same can be seen on my plot. You see two separate eastern gene flows, one from present day Uralic people to Russians and another from Baltic Finns to Scandinavians.


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