lauantai 9. tammikuuta 2016

Amerind and Asian like ancestries in Europe

Here is another test figuring a twofold admixture among Europeans.   The plot here figures Karitiana/Han similarity.  The method is equal than in my previous test and the result shows that Europeans have an increasing trend of either Amerind or Han similarity from the south to north, obviously in a reverse direction to the EEF ancestry.   The curve starts to bend from Estonians towards the East Asian reference, Hans.   It reaches parity between Karitiana and Han admixtures in Nenets.  The Finns are now almost in the same point, while the test fuguring ancient Anatolian and Bedouin admixtures among Finns showed clear-cut difference between two Finnish groups defined using Bronze Age Corded Ware samples.  My conclusion is that the origin of Finns is treefold including local Fennoscandinavian, Corded Ware-like and Circumppolar admixtures.  All three admixtures vary depending on the local history.


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