lauantai 16. syyskuuta 2017

European ancient admixtures

This admixture test was done using the latest data from Reich Laboratory and Dna.Land's Admixture program.  Instead of following the rule and using a mixture triangle Steppe-Farmer-HG I picked also the Central-European Bronze Age to ensure the best coverage of European ancestry.  European Bronze Age was built up from all those three dimensions, so results of all those three roots will be somewhat lower than in tests without the European Bronze Age.  This test works best for Europeans and have obvious blind spots in Africa, Northern America, Near East and Central Asia. I took also some Western Asian samples in the interest of seeing the Iranian and Armenian Neolithic proportions.  

All samples were picked randomly, one sample per population, not as population averages.  No consensus was run.   Both, averaging and consensus calculation would minimize fluctuation in results of minor components, like between Siberian and East-Asian.  The data was converted from the EIGENSTRAT data format I usually use in my tests, of course with exception of the project members.  For that purpose I made a small Bash script which converts Eigenstrat to 23andMe format.  The data and Dna.Land's Admixture program will be soon available here and if anyone see the Eigenstrat-to-23andMe conversion useful I'll include also it to the downloadable library.

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