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Searching for the Finnish root

We are unlucky people in Finland because the soil in Finland is acidic and destroys all organic remains in one millennium. We will never know the genetic appearance of people who lived here during the first millennium or earlier.  This fact let us speculate about our ancient ancestor and people also do it.  The outcome depends pretty much on beliefs and myths.  I try to bypass the exact solution to this problem by using modern genomes and a retroactive way.  I spit all 99 Finnish samples into 6 groups using Finestructure.  Then I ran each groups against global references using Globetrotter to find out which one of 6 Finnish groups shows the oldest admixture date.  It happened that the oldest Finnish mixture included three genetic elements:  Scandinavians, Estonians and Saamis.  Sound good so far, but it is not simple at all.  Although the Finns are a relatively homogeneous group and removing outliers is quite a simply task, this same doesn't fit with Estonians.  I am kind of sure that many thing happened changing Estonians, for example the Slavic expansion during the first millennium and the demolition of all old kingdoms by devastating German, East Baltic and Slavic armies on the Eastern Baltic coastline in the beginning of the second millennium.  The little can be done, can be done. 

First the test showing the present mixture of the "Finnish root":

Estonian 0,518
Scandinavian 0,415
Saami 0,067

And then the Finnish root after searching for the most obvious admixture date:

59 generation or 1620 years ago
Scandinavian 0,730
Estonian 0,164
Saami 0,106

Following results are obtained using Finnish root population

Karelian-Vepsa 44 generations or 1200 years ago
Finnish-root 0,698
Baltic 0,154
Mari_Chuvash 0,057
Northeast_Asian 0,024
Mongola 0,015
Central_Siberian 0,013
Saami 0,011

Estonian x generation x years  (unclear) 
Baltic 0,644
Finnish-root 0,194
Slavic 0,076
Scandinavian 0,038
Mari_Chuvash 0,028
Saami 0,011

Mordva  29 generations or 800 years  
Slavic 0,340
Baltic 0,252
Karelian_Vepsa 0,118
Mari_Chuvash 0,067
West_Europe 0,061
Mongola 0,045
Finnish-root 0,023
Caucasian 0,022
Khanti-Mansi 0,018
Armenian 0,018

Swedish x generation x years (unclear, probably very old, old enough that Finnish-root and Saami didn't yet exist and both designations mean something undetermined)    
West_Europe 0,577
Finnish-root 0,147
Saami 0,122
Slavic 0,111
British_Isles3 (Scottish) 0,033
Baltic 0,010

Tatar 30 generations or 825 years ago   
Slavic 0,209
Baltic 0,159
Mari_Chuvash 0,152
Balkan 0,093
Mongola 0,085
Karelian_Vepsa 0,065
West_Europe 0,050
Caucasian 0,043
Armenian 0,031
Finnish-root 0,028
Ulchi-Hezhen 0,029
Central_Siberian 0,015
East_Asian 0,011
North_Siberian 0,010

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