Thursday, May 3, 2018

Homozygosity by descent figures in Eurasia

This is not aimed to be an overall test including all Eurasian populations. Basically I have included only some samples covering over 400000 markers.   In some cases sample sizes were limited by too few individual per population and I dropped all population including less than 3 samples.  Even this is absolutely too little to get steady results.  It is also possible that some sample groups are poorly gathered and don't represent given population ideally.  Anyway this test gives a general view about existing homozygosity by descend in Eurasia.  The definition of Homozygosity by descendPossessing two genes at a given locus that are descended from a single source, such as may occur in inbreeding or in consanguineous mating.  

If my readers are interesting in seeing larger data and more populations, for example East Asians, Africans and Americans, I can rerun this test.   

Results are generated by Beagle software.

Update 3.5. 19:15   Fixed Turkish sample size and LOD-scores
Update 3.5.  20:47  Removed Turkish results, because some individuals showed excessive homozygosity


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  1. My finds about Turkish people seem to be correct:

    Many studies prove that this situation is common also in Iran. In my tests their homozygosity is near same with small Siberian groups. This was new information for me, being myself from a small country. In Finland we have a long tradition to avoid cousin marriages. So the dilemma with judging homogeneity/heterogeneity in given country is not simple at all. We discuss about difference between individuals and whole populations. If we compare a large country, like Iran definitely is, to Finland and Baltic countries, the rate of homogeneity and homozygosity differs signifiantly.


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