Monday, February 18, 2019

Detailed Sigtuna Viking Age male haplotypes

I presented in my previous post a new haplotyping process, here.  While preparing a new data base to reprocess all today available Iron Age samples around Baltic Sea, I ran two Sigtuna samples through the haplotyping process.   The sample identified by "84001" was N-L550 and the sample "84005" was I-Z74.   Both results deepened from the results offered by the study.  L550 is a clade known as Scndinavian-Baltic and Z74 is known as Scandinavian-Finnish.  Detailed results and mutations:


(If pictures are two small to read, please copy them from the screen and paste to some image editing software)

edit 20.2.2019 14:00

After rerunning of the Fastq file of "84005" and reducing the quality, it still being reasonable,  I found a downstream mutation CTS4791, which is according to Yfull a parellel mutation with CTS2208, found mostly from Southern Scandinavia, but also from England.  So the Sigtuna sample 84005 belongs  likely to a very particular Scandinavian-Finnish branch, actually the next level of Z74 diverged to  Norway and to Finland.   The CTS4791 is now the terminal mutation, but even more downstream mutations are possible after new genome scans. 

edit 20.2.2019 14:40

Now the Iron Age Baltic sample DA171 is also checked.   I can't confirm L1025, which is reported on some online services.  I was able to find Z4917, which is now parallelized with L550 in the ISOGG chart.   

Monday, February 11, 2019

Icelandic Vikings like ancient Scandinavians and English Vikings

Recently available data of Icelandic Viking Age samples (study Ancient genomes from Iceland reveal the making of a human population) resemble pretty much Iron Age Scandinavians and also Vikings from UK published in the study

Comparing Ancient DNA Preservation in Petrous Bone and Tooth Cementum.

Unfortunately this study gives very little idea of the origin of those UK Vikings, but if they were any kind of a mixture of Scandinavians and Britons/Anglo Saxons they could have given something to Icelanders, because British-Scandinavian mixture of Icelanders have been assumed in many studies.  Another question is if Vikings in UK and Iceland represented same Scandinavian migrations, which can be true.  Here is a qpAdm result shoving similarity between these two Viking groups.

 chisq       tail prob       UK-Viking-Age Levaluhta_outlier Scania_IA
 2.767       0.905689      0.307              0.194                   0.498