Thursday, May 21, 2015

Three-way admixture of Central Europeans, Northeast and South show more admixtures

With respect to the Haak et al.  2015 and after my own pretests using qpAdm I ran a serie of standard admixture tests in supervised mode to find out ancient admixtures among Europeans.   Admixture gives a better way than qpAdm to use larger data sets, but without any quality indicators needs pretests if you want to run in supervised mode.  I also used some present-day populations to obtain a better total fit in cases previous tests and studies gave reason to expect such being reasonable.  In general my results are similar with those published by Haak.   K-group sizes differ, in some cases my results look more plausibe than corresponding results in the above mentioned study, for example my admixture shows less Siberian admixture in West Europe, but also more Near Eastern admixture in South Europe.   Those two admixtures came probably later to Europe which can be seen in their smaller expansion areas.

The first analysis (I'll do later more similar analyses) shows following k-groups:

1 WHG - Western Hunter-Gatherers
2 ENF . Early Neolithic Farmer (in Europe)
3 Yamnaya - samples from Yamnaya culture
4 East_Asia - Chinese She population
5 NA - Native Americans (Karitianas from South America)
6 SSA - Sub-Saharan African (Yoruba)
7 Near_East - Bedouins (BedouinB from Haak et al.)
8 Siberian - Nganassans

Sorted by ENF group averages.  Click here to see a large picture.