Wednesday, April 13, 2022

New blog

 Unfortunately it looks like Finnish genetic research has been paused so far due to disappointing results.  Hopefully Finnish researchers make necessary reappraisals, because we need objective knowledge about our prehistory.  Today the gap between linguistics, genetics and archaeology is too big to support objectives of Finnish genetic research.  I am afraid it takes years to turn the ship into a correct lane and I probably never will see rational Finnish genetic research.  My pessimism is based on that fact that I have over 10 years experience about this matter.   

Meanwhile I can do nothing with this matter I decided to open a new blog dealing with Finnish history and prehistory.  Topics will mainly cover  observations mirroring the Western Finnish history, facts, myths and visions.  Unfortunately I have not time and resources to give inclusive reference lists and readers have to make some efforts for it. Language is often Finnish, but translators are today reasonable good to give you points.