Sunday, December 6, 2020

New Vahaduo samples for Eurogenes K13 calculator

Here is a source list based on Euroepan averages. You can either replace source lines in Vahavuo site or download the program from the same site. These calculetor seldom give exact answers and mostly you can get only an estimate of where your ancestry might be. So use your imagination! It is also typical for these calculators that the result is stretched and f.ex. I can get Karelian + German instead of Finnish + Sweden. You can draw an imagined line between given sources and locate other population on this line. I have better tools to do this kind of job, but nothing better exists online. 


edit 7.12.2020 10:50 Unfortunately this blog service has some drawbacks, like it doesn't forward "new line" characters. I found this drawback after the upgrade of the blog service around 2 months ago, but didn't remember it while writing this entry. I made the text downloadable.


 Download here


Download here and look below results of my Swedish project members.  I didn't include identity information, because I finished my project already years ago, but definitely this Vahaduo source works, not only for Finns, but also for most Europeans. 

Edit 8.12.2020 18:15

Populations added to source list, including Ashkenazi and Portuguese.  Please download using the above link.