Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Ydna haplogroup of the sample RISE175 (Allentoft et al. 2015)

I picked this from Eurogenes.  Studies have usually high quality standards, but older studies also miss many later defined mutations, so my aim is to redefine the haplogroup of this particular ancient sample.  The sample quality is rather poor and only a few mutations can be determined, even when lowering the mapping quality.  Here is a straightforward result:

After filling holes between I1 and I1a2a1a1a2~  we find following levels:  I1a (DF29), I1a2 (S244/Z58), I1a2a (S246/Z59), I1a2a1a (Z62), I1a2a1a1a (S440/Z140, Z141).

Here is a real chance to find oneself in those haplogroups and it would be also nice to know about present-day distributions.

Additionally the result included many candidate mutations published by FamilyTreeDna, which are not yet connected to the tree.  In general, research go on and it would be a good idea to check old samples for new yDna mutation.