Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Exciting East Hunter-Gatherer ancestry

East Hunter-Gatherer ancestry breaks common logic.  While it was in Europe highest in ancient Steppe population, Yamnaya and Afanasievo and next highest in Cored Ware populations, it seems to fade out in modern Baltic populations, although those modern populations have highest Steppe ancestry.  Instead of East HG the Balts have highest West HG among all European populations.  This made me wonder whether the Dstat, and other tests basing on genetic drift, works correctly.   I made a Dstat-run 

Dstat(EHG,WHG,<test pop>,Mbuti)

and the results is

To see if there is shift between East and West Hunter-Gatherer drifts I made another test using 3Pop-test, which is rather a test of common ancestries than a comparison.  It supports Dstat and shows that the East HG is dominant only in ancient Steppe populations.  We can see minor shift though.  For example FIN-West shows higher West HG than expected by Dstat.  Looking at the time span from the Baltic Corded Ware to the Baltic Bronze Age there is a huge shift from EHG to WHG.  



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