Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Patterns of genetic connectedness between modern and medieval Estonians and Finns

 A new Estonian study sets the connection between our countries to the 8th and 10th centuries AD and bases it on an assumed Estonian migration to Finland.  Sounds like Estonian self-seeking idea about  Estonian Vikings.  Heard before.  I have not knowledge about such Estonian migration.

  There have been a lot connections between our countries, but historians have never mentioned exactly aforementioned time frame as a significant event in our history.  Sure people have moved from Estonia to Finland, but also conversely.  Historians suggest that the main migration bringing the Baltic Finnic language happened during the Roman Iron Age and we know for sure that around 20-30% of the North Estonian population had Finnish origin after the Swedish era in the 17th century.  We know it because we have original documents.  Those times were very exhausting in Estonia due to many wars and the Estonian population size decreased remarkably.  

Such a Late Iron Age migration from Estonia should also be seen by an elevated R1a proportion in Finland, but the small R1a amount in Finland doesn't imply any Estonian origin.  I stay waiting for wider scientific stance.


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