maanantai 23. helmikuuta 2015

Aineiston lisäys sisältäen vepsät, karjalaiset ym.

Estonian Biocentre julkaisi uutta dataa, josta julkaisen nyt vain PCA-plotit.  Palaan asiaan jatkoanalyysien muodossa lähiaikoina, parin viikon kuluessa.

Lisäys 24.2.15

Testausta IMS-taustaisten keskinäisistä suhteista.  Lataa paketti tästä.  Dimensioiden 2 ja 3 Eigenvalue-arvot ovat kaikissa kuvissa hyvin lähellä toisiaan, joten dim. 2 ja 3 ovat täysin vertailukelpoisia, ja joskus asetelmat vaihtavat paikkaa.

4 kommenttia:

  1. N1c and R1a1 in western Russia dating to 2,500BC. The paternal ancestors of Finno-Urgics and Indo Europeans were in the same region.

  2. I have understood that linguistic evidences support early connections between FU- and IE-people, but I am not familiar with linguistic matters. It is of course surprising that N1c1, R1a and R1b lived side by side there. My paternal HG is I1 and I am now quite sure that my forefathers lived in West Europe at the same time :) I am waiting for those new samples to analyse autosomal data.

  3. "I am waiting for those new samples to analyse autosomal data."

    Eurogenes was told from a "reliable source" the Haak 2015 genomes will be available soon, maybe within days.

  4. Thanks, it will be interesting to see f4-statistics, especially because Haak and Lazaridis have quite a limited amount of Finns and Russians, and no Swedes and Poles. To get them tested with Yamna samples and with the Karelian hunter gatherer published in the same study I need a full scan, though. If they offer only an Affymetrix file corresponding to the Lazaridis' one I can still make better tests with Finns, but not with Polish, Swedish and Russian samples.