Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ancient Gotlander looks Baltic

I am just working with ancient Scandinavian samples, not finished yet, working with new samples and looking for the best way to analyze them.    Now I'll make only a short  introduction about Ajv58, the ancient Gotlander who lived around 4700 years ago.   After gathering and processing more ancient data I will make a larger analysis.


Click here to see a larger view. 

Comparison to the Skoglund results

      There is some differences caused by different testing arrangement  

  •  Skoglund projects ancient samples, I use straight comparison between all samples.  Ajv58 has some impact on present-day samples.
  • Skoglund uses huge amounts of Scandinavian, Baltic and Estonian samples.  This has an effect on PCA components magnifying typical genetic components of those populations. 
  •            I use only 26kSNPs, while Skoglund obviously use much more SNPs for the background plot.  I have possibility to extent the SNP amount to 160k.  Now I am using the overlapping proportion of my standard set and Ajv58.

Two first matters have effect on the distant between present-day and ancient samples and explains the difference between my and Skoglund plots.

Zoomed in picures of mine and Skoglund


IBS-distances show that Ajv58 is closer North Europeans than LaBrana 1.   He is also more eastern than LaBrana1.  Probably this mirrors Ajv58’s higher ANE affinity or simply the ancestral position of ancient Gotlanders on the Baltic shores.