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Indigenous European Hunter-gatherer origin of Finns

I have been busy for a while with this blog, but after this writing I am going to start a new project and stay away from here for two weeks in preparing new data.

It has been some discussion about the origin of Finnish people.   Did they come from north, east, south or west?   But absolutely not from above or below.  An estimate given by Haak et al. 2015 gives us the origin of Finns: 25% early Neolithic farmers (compared to Norwegians with 48% early Neolithic farmers), 10% Siberians (compared to Norwegian 4%), 8% western hunter-gatherers (Norwegian 0%) and  50% Yamnaya (Norwegian 48%).  Because the Yamnaya settlement was already mixed holding eastern, western and southern roots we can assume that this kind of mixture existing in Finland is not necessarily just from a Yamnaya migration.  To check it we can compare Finnish genome data to eastern and western hunter-gatherers.  If the western proportion is bigger than eastern then the Finnish admixture turns out to be more western, no matter how similar it is to the Yamnaya composition.  Here is the result from Haak et al. 2015


We see that the Finns have exceeding western hunter-gatherer admixture over the Yamnaya composition found from Norway, but we don't know how big the western proportion is, because we don't know exactly the Yamnaya composition.  So we can test it regarding Finns using one million SNP's now publicly available.

The result shows without doubt that the Finns are closer Loschour (WHG) than Karelian HG.  It shows just the same for Samara hunter-gatherers;   the Finns are much closer WHG than Samara.  And again, the same happens with western Motala_HG, both Eastern hunter-garherer groups are more distant. But a surprise comes from Hungary.  Hungarian hunter-gatherers beat also western hunter-gatherers being the closest group for Finns.

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  1. Haak's results are valid for the sample from the Human Origins set, but I'm not sure it is representative of either West or East Finns, you might want to test that.

    Regarding the relation of Yamnaya, Corded Ware and WHG, you can test whether there is WHG beyond what the former two can explain:
    Chimp West Finland Yamnaya Loschbour
    Chimp East Finland Yamnaya Loschbour
    Chimp West Finland Corded Ware Loschbour
    Chimp East Finland Corded Ware Loschbour

    1. It doesn't work like that because Yamnaya itself is mixed and includes HG admixtures. To get valid results we have to compare samples from same time and migration period.

  2. Post those stats anyway, I want to check something.

    1. Here, western HG's rule, even though Yamnaya and Finns have common ANE that western HG's lack. Maybe Finns and Yamnaya share also common ENA.

      result: Yamnaya_Samara Loschbour.SG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0212 -6.495 55788 58208 982604
      result: Yamnaya_Samara Loschbour.SG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0215 -6.430 55730 58182 982604
      result: Corded_Ware_Germany Loschbour.SG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0157 -4.719 55488 57264 977961
      result: Corded_Ware_Germany Loschbour.SG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0172 -5.111 55349 57284 977961
      result: Yamnaya_Kalmykia.SG Loschbour.SG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0223 -6.566 54841 57344 962873
      result: Yamnaya_Kalmykia.SG Loschbour.SG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0242 -7.055 54674 57391 962873
      result: Yamnaya_Samara Hungary_HG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0238 -6.850 38768 40661 692478
      result: Yamnaya_Samara Hungary_HG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0239 -6.809 38747 40642 692478
      result: Corded_Ware_Germany Hungary_HG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0188 -5.303 38778 40261 690812
      result: Corded_Ware_Germany Hungary_HG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0198 -5.623 38705 40271 690812
      result: Yamnaya_Kalmykia.SG Hungary_HG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0256 -7.136 38310 40324 684588
      result: Yamnaya_Kalmykia.SG Hungary_HG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0274 -7.726 38214 40367 684588
      result: Yamnaya_Samara Motala_HG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0180 -7.505 50940 52806 913747
      result: Yamnaya_Samara Motala_HG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0195 -8.053 50824 52847 913747
      result: Corded_Ware_Germany Motala_HG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0116 -4.827 51107 52305 910210
      result: Corded_Ware_Germany Motala_HG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0143 -5.774 50929 52402 910210
      result: Yamnaya_Kalmykia.SG Motala_HG West-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0191 -7.348 49732 51668 890901
      result: Yamnaya_Kalmykia.SG Motala_HG East-Finland Chimp.DG -0.0224 -8.725 49534 51806 890901

    2. And Yamnaya shares common HG-ancestry with Western HG-groups equalizing results. I would say that the Yamnaya never came even close Finland :) CW is possible.

  3. Corded Ware had additional farmer and WHG ancestry compared to Yamnaya, but these stats show Finland has WHG/SHG admixture beyond Corded Ware too and significantly so since Z>3. I suspected this to be the case and that's why I wanted the stats.

  4. Hungarian hunter-gatherers are just an eastern extension of WHG. There is little difference between the Finnish genetic distances to Loschbour and to the Hungarian hunter-gatherer (KO1) anyway.


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