Thursday, November 12, 2015

Revised information of HGDP Mongola samples

I used in my previous test HGDP's Mongola samples

HGDP01223, HGDP01224, HGDP01225, HGDP01226, HGDP01227,         HGDP01228, HGDP01229, HGDP01230, HGDP01231, HGDP01232

All those samples look like being more European than I expected.   In purpose to check who they really are I included Tatar samples into similar tests and the result shows that Tatars ( from the study "The Genetic Legacy of the Expansion of Turkic-Speaking Nomads across Eurasia", link share much common drift with those Mongola samples.   Their drift differs in a manner Tatars are closer Eastern Uralic people and some Slavic - Finno-Ugric mixed populations, like Mordvas, and Mongola samples are closer Slavs, like Belarussians.   Whatever those Mongola samples are and how they are named, their drift fits between Tatars and Slavs although I have no idea about the history. They look like just a real Mongolian group with less Uralic admixture than Tatars, but Mongola samples share a strong migration drift with Tatars, although Mongola samples seem to be mainly Central Asians. A bit complicated story for people who are interested in Mongolian influence in Europe.  A question without answer is why Mongola samples have more drift with Slavs than Finnic/Finno-Ugric people.  

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